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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 2, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the -- i'm going to finish my thought. the majority of americans do not want to defund it. go ahead, good luck, try it. >> you guys have been great. give yourselves a big hand. thank you very much. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. here's a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. have done great damage to the american culture. to the american psyche. >> washington doesn't want to find a -- 1/6 of the economy is gone. the government took it. i don't think the rest of the world is enamored with obama. i love radio. radio is the single greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. >> rush limbaugh on the record.
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and you hear rush say things you never heard him say before. but first, in our one-on-one interview, rush limbaugh tells us what he thinks of president obama's phony scandal campaign. >> let me ask you, talking about the scandals, president obama says the scandals are phony. why do you think he says they're phony? because he believes it or is there a strategy? >> there's a strategy. i've been troubled by something with the obama i playfully call it the regime as i know it irritates him. it is much like a regime. i've been troubled, i've been amazed. here is a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. policies have done great damage to the economy. have done great damage to the american culture, to the american psyche. i mean, there is a malaise, there's a sense of hopelessness and depression out there.
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and it's his policies that have done this. what has always amazed me is that he's not attached to any of it. he has an agenda, he's been implementing it. but the what i call the low information voters who voted for him and other democrats, do not associate obama's policies and agenda with the condition of the country. the economy or whatever. that's always befuddled me. i've never, never known a president to be immune from economic circumstances at an election. as he was in 2012. it all became clear to me. there was a new york times story, i think a blog post on the web in february. it basically said what i said to you. it said most people disapprove of the obama agenda. they don't like the direction the country is going. they like him and they think he's great for the country. i said how can that be? intellectually, how can a majority of people -- you know
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they oppose obama care by 55, 60% in a number of polls. they are worried about jobs. how in the world can they like him, re-elect him and yet, disapprove of everything he's doing and i came up with -- i call it the limbaugh fear. you hear other people talk about it in sense that he's a bystander president or he's outside washington. the way he does this, he never appears to be governing. that's why he's constantly campaigning. why is there a campaign going on for obama care? it's already the law of the land. why is he out campaigning for all this stuff that's already law? it's already going to happen. and my theory is that obama has positioned himself as an outsider, not attached to anything that's happening. what he has made happen, he positions himself as opposed to it and against it. and fighting for everybody else to overcome what he has done.
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and that's one of the reasons why the constant campaigning, so he doesn't appear to be governing or being part of washington. he appears to have this mysterious powerful bunch of forces that are opposing him and stopping him from creating jobs and stopping him from giving people proper health care and stopping him from making home values go up. he's constantly fighting it and he does that by constantly campaigning and never seem to be governing. all of these scandals, he calls them -- they're not distraction. they're real. but he likes them because they detract from the absolute reality of what has happened to this country as a result of his policies. let's take a look at selling obama care. i mentioned that. why in the world are you on a campaign to sell obama care? i mean, it's the law. yeah, you got an effort by the republicans to defund it. why the campaign?
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very simple. you go back to 2010. 2010 mid terms, the republicans, tea party created, cleaned the democrats' clocks. if you go back and look at the 2010 mid terms, that was one of the biggest shellacking the democratic party has had in a long time. the republicans took back the house of representatives but the democrats lost a total nationwide on the ballot of over 600 seats much it was because of obama care and the rising debt and the fact that nobody was opposed it and nobody is stopping it. the tea party gets creative, these people show up. what obama, the democrats really want, what they're salivating about is winning the house in 2014. if they get that, there's no such thing as a lame duck second term. don't even need a congress. all they are is going to be a rubber stamp. whatever obama wants to do the past two years, signs it, does it, the congress rubber stamps it. he can't be stopped. that's why they want it. they remember 2010. so he's out there trying to change public opinion on health
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care so that it doesn't replicate in 2014 what happened in 2010 at the mid terms. he cannot afford for anti-obama voters to show up in 2010. voting against him and holding the house for the republicans and maybe winning the senate for the republicans. that's one reason he's campaign. the second reason is simply to continue this notion that he's not of washington. that he's outside fighting against these powerful forces doing everything he can to stand up for the american people. it's the most amazing thing i've ever seen. i've never seen a president get away with 4 1/2 years of not being seen as responsible for anything he's done when everything that happened is because of him. he can't be stopped. the republicans don't have any power. all they can do maybe if they get the ka hone is is stop things. they can't make anything happen. they're powerless in terms of legislation in washington.
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they have the house but nothing in the senate. they can't stop him anywhere. so yet, he's out acting like he's got to overcome all of this opposition. and all of t that want to prevent the american people from realizing their dreams, these dastardly republicans. so the phony scandals, it's just another vehicle to continue the same modus operandi. why do you think though, a lot of people are unhappy about the phony scandal. at least a lot of republicans. a lot of people hate the irs. in early may he says this is a serious problem. now it's phony. and it's just a campaign tactic, is that what you're saying? >> he's got a slavish media. he can say whatever he wants and he won't be called on it. he can pretty much do anything he wants. i should have added in my
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previous answer to your question that he couldn't get away with any of this without a slavish media. the media doesn't question him. in fact, that is on board with his agenda and trying to help him advance it. i've got to the point where what he says is irrelevant. so he's out there. i can give you quotes of what he said in 2002, 2005, 2007 about health care. i can give you quotes about what he said about global warming and all these things that they're irrelevant. what you have to do is watch what he does. he's always going to tell you he's not doing what he's doing. he's always going to position himself as having nothing to do with what's happening: he's always going to position himself as it's the republicans, they're constantly complaining, whining, i fixed the irs. i fired whoever did this. it's reprehensible. all he has to do is talk about how reprehensible it is. the media reports that obama
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thinks the irs scandal is horrible. the thing is, i wonder if there's a smoking gun memo. it doesn't need to be one. he hires people. puts them in these places. he knows what they're going to do. they're all miniature obamas. there won't be a smoking gun, there doesn't have to be a memo. he doesn't have to give people who work for him instructions or a manual on how to screw the republicans or stop conservatives. that's what they want to do themselves. plus, they want to make him happy. i think it's incredible what's happening. i think it's out of the world incredible that we have somebody whose policies have led to the melees and the destruction of the economy and the hijacking of the health care industry and he's not held accountable for it. i think it's been out there it's plain to see. republican party wants a new base. they just -- republican leadership isn't conservative. they're not particularly crazy about conservatives.
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i mean, i'm fairly prominent media conservative. i get more grief than the -- gets. i get more grief than al qaeda gets. all conservatives do. because we do constitute a threat to the way washington views the country. and i don't think it's so much conservative versus liberal, although it is. but it's washington versus the rest of the country is what's really transpiring now. and washington has a mind-set and a desire for the country that doesn't dovetail with the american people. >> so what is the future of the republican party based on what you say? >> i really don't know. because politics, too unpredictable. there is anything that we're not even conceiving is possible, the scandal or some such thing that could happen which can cause people to start voting against
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democrats in droves regardless what the republicans do. so it's dangerous to start predicting the demise of political parties and so forth. i'm not doing that. i'm just sharing with you the sense i get as a conservative, 25 years of doing this on this show and watching it all and so much of it on the surface intellectually doesn't make sense. these republicans are not stupid. they have to know that agreeing with the democrats on issue after issue after issue is going to equal democrat victory after victory after victory. >> who do you admire in republican politics and why? >> i admire any who are bold enough and brave enough to speak about what they truly believe. ted cruz is one, sarah palin is another. any of them who are fearless and have the courage of their
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convictions and have no come punk shonn about saying it. they're not embarrassed of themselves, they're not insecure. they firmly believe what has to be done and are willing to stand behind it. those are the people i admire. >> what are the chances those people would ever get a nomination in the republican party? probably not big? >> why would that be the case? >> because they're outside the mainstream of republican politics as you outlined it. >> well, i don't think the mainstream republican politics can't be beat. i mean, there's a battle for the party going on. and sure, it can be a tough battle. but there's no other option. you don't want to go third party. that just -- that just ensures the democrats or majority party forever. you don't want to do that. you you have to do what you can to work with every republican party and take it over. >> reagan did it.
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i know a lot -- could you stop talking about reagan. but reagan, there's only one of him. but reagan is a real life example of what can be done. and what happens when a prominent conservative triumphs. the country and the democrat party try to revise history and destroy his reputation and image and so forth. it's a never ending battle. a lot of people probably say why, why are republicans and conservatives so, for lack of a better word, disliked. i mean, the real battle, folks, that i think is going on is on the one hand the country is founded with liberty and freedom and the government is a servant versus another view which says the government is all powerful and everything is the people who are servants. that's what the battle is right now. >> in the a reason of ideas,
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what would you do to solve a problem like detroit or even something bigger like the incredible growing class of poor people? >> well, what you want to do first -- >> either. take your pick. >> detroit, you have to analyze what really happened there. why did it go wrong? now, there are obvious things. the city what's been run by democrats unchecked since the last republican mayor was 1957. okay? you've had -- that town has been a petri dish of everything the democrat party stands for, everything the democrat party loves. massive unions, massive pensions. pay people pensions and health care long after they've stopped working. the math doesn't add up. you have massive welfare states where citizens are given things left and right in order to buy
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their votes. you have no opposition whatsoever. then in the case of -- you throw race into the mix and you bring on mayor coleman young who causes riots in 1967 in detroit and mayor young calls a white flight to suburbia and detroit is left with nothing but liberal democrats running it. it is what it is. and anyplace in this country that has similar circumstances, the same fate is going to happen to them. poverty was the other thing? >> poverty. lbj said the war on poverty. we'll have legislation to try to eradicate. poverty is growing. it's not getting better. there are a lot of people suffering. >> yeah, imagine that. it's been the number one issue the democrat party out of their mouths for -- well, since 1964 when lbj first started to care about poverty. percentagewise, same number of people. under obama, it's gotten worse.
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four out of five american families are experiencing poverty. 9 million jobs have been lost. pardon me. since obama took office. 9 million, they're just gone. because of his policies. the arena of ideas this is where they're not standing up, pushing back, articulating what is the opposite to this. one of the things -- i mean, you can point to successful people all over the country. no matter how successful, different levels of it. you point to them. how did they do it? that's all -- how did they do it? there were recipes, they cared, worked hard, they had ambition, they learned what they had to learn, some had connections here and there. nobody does everything by themselves. but you're certainly not going to eradicate poverty by creating dependency. santa claus is not a cure for poverty. all it is, is a way to buy votes. that's why the democrats want amnesty. >> you think president obama likes his job?
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>> i have no idea. i don't know him. i've never spoken to him. i don't know how to read those kind of tea leaves just watching them. all i can do is read and what other people have written about. how he doesn't show up early or whatever. i've heard people say that the job has been -- he needs to be running the world to be challenged, to be invigorated. the united states is chump -- he needs the united nations. he needs to be running the whole shebang. i don't know what's true. i don't know whether he likes the job or not. i think he does and is relishing the opportunity to put into play what leftist had only dreamed about in faculty lounges for to 50 to 75 years. i think he's thrilled with the opportunity to transform america and move it away from this
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unjust, immoral way it was founded. and make it fair for everybody. i mean, whatever he's trying to do to it. i do think he's possessed with that. whether he likes to get up and go to work every day, i don't think he likes having opposition. beneath him, he doesn't want to negotiate. wipe them out. put in the political things. just get rid of them. that's his modus operandi. >> i don't think he likes the process. mike dukakis did. rush limbaugh has much more to say. he insists washington doesn't want to find ways to fraud. what does he mean by that? you have not heard this and you will straight from rush. plus, you will find out the real reason why rush loves his job. our sit-down interview with rush limbaugh continues next.
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you have never heard this before. rush limbaugh telling us in the eyes of washington, waste and fraud are no big deal. once again, here's rush limbaugh. >> why is there no enthusiasm to go after waste and fraud? we did a story last night in which we're paying money to dead farmers. i don't care if you're republican or democrat, i cannot understand how that is not seized upon a politician and run with it. i think it would be popular. >> i would too. but see, the answer to that again is washington doesn't want to find the waste and fraud. not really. maybe a couple of isolated examples and they say here, look what i did, i'm shutting this down. but they don't want to. they don't want to make the government smaller. i'll give you an example of the
7:23 pm
way this works, i think. i wish i'd have known this 25 years ago, 30. for all of our lives, ever since the late '60s, early '70s. we've been hearing we've got to stop our dependence on foreign oil. right? we've got to stop this. the global warming debate has been about it, but we've got to stop importing so much oil. every party, republicans, democrats, it's been a mantra. there's an oil boom going on in one of the dakotas. i always get confused which one. fracking has made this country entirely energy independent. if we would go get every oil reserve that we've got, that we could get right now with fracking, we wouldn't need a barrel from the middle east. why aren't we doing it? why is obama not okaying the keystone pipeline? obama said we've got to rid
7:24 pm
ourselves of dependence on foreign oil. republicans have said why aren't we getting our own oil? why are there restrictions on federal land and efforts made on private lands? why? prince a walid or whatever his name is, he said you continue fracking. we in the middle east are going to have iproblem -- they don't mean it. when they talk about ridding the country of fraud, when it comes to doing it, doesn't happen, does it? washington doesn't want to get smaller or take itself out of people's lives. washington does not want to reduce its power or its size. >> but waste? i mean, paying dead people, how could -- i don't get how anyone could think paying dead people is a good idea. >> they don't think it's a good idea. there's not anything wrong with
7:25 pm
this. we're not talking about that much money. like the foreign aid, it's not that much money. greta, they don't think we've got a debt crisis. one of them said the other day, i've been hearing all my life how the national debt is going to destroy this country. i forget who it was. national debt, $17 trillion, up 6 trillion d since obama.e peop make the country work, the hearts and the backbones of this country are scared to death. they don't think their kids and grandkids will have an opportunity to acquire wealth. they don't think the education system will treat them properly. there isn't going to be a private sector economy big enough, to grow enough to cut it up in enough ways. it's simple contentment and prosperity. the government is snapping it up. that's what health care is about. 1/6 of the economy is gone. government just took it. they don't know about health care. why do we invest in obama to run
7:26 pm
health care and -- what does he know? he doesn't done diddley squat. >> why. what does washington know about this? they don't know. we invest on them to have total control and power over it. waste and fraud, debt, american people scared to death of it, washington, no big beal. bernanke keeps primping. showing the economy growing. everything is fine. the next time there's a crisis, like 2008, they'll go to the same rigamarole and give us 22 hours to fix it or the end of the world could happen. it's designed to keep washington functioning as it is and keep washington big and to prevent -- look at when you in politics when you control something, you don't want to share it or give it away. don't misunderstood me, this is all a political battle. it should take place in the
7:27 pm
arena of politics. i'm not casting criminal motives on anybody. this is all political. but there's no pushback to it from the republican party side. that's my main objective. they must be complicit with some of it. coming up, rush limbaugh on the george zimmerman verdict and race relations in america. but first, rush gets personal. he'll talk about the radio, his job and his wife. things you've never heard before from rush. that's all next. business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪
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what makes rush limbaugh tick? ? a rare one-on-one interview, rush gets personal. >> why do you do your job? >> i love it. i'm doing what i was born to do. i love radio. radio is the single greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. there are no constraints. i don't -- i'm not trying to be what other people want me to be. i'm not afraid of what somebody
7:31 pm
might think because of what i do. none of the normal constraints. it's just me. i have the total ability to do it the way i want to do it and to tell people what i think. and if it goes wrong the first time, come back the next hour, next day, i'm sorry folks, what i meant yesterday was -- it's a never ending opportunity to get it right. there's nothing in it for me to lie about anything. i'm not going to gain anything about lying about what i believe or lying about facts. you know, i really am trying to create the most informed, educated group of participating citizens i can. asked me what the purpose of the radio show, that would be it after the business aspects, which is creating and holding the largest audience possible for the advertising rates. from a consumer standpoint, informed, growing, intelligent,
7:32 pm
educated, participating. that's why i mentioned earlier, i find it a great compliment that all the media people say i'm losing because obama has run two elections. i haven't run against him. i can't giveaway money like he does. i can't buy votes. yet, they put me in that political arena to judge me, which must mean that i'm a bigger threat to them than they want to admit. i find it all flattering. because at the end of the day, i'm just a guy on the radio. that's all i ever wanted to do. from age 8, was be on the radio. >> any downside to your job? >> well, downsides to everything. could you be specific? >> anything you hate about your job? >> no. >> any -- >> no, because i've gotten to the point now where i don't have to do anything i don't want do. >> well, you have to show up
7:33 pm
every day. >> yeah. but i love that. >> you can't sleep in until 3:00 in the afternoon if you ever wanted to. >> i can on saturday or sunday. >> but so you come here every single day thinking i love this? >> yes. the night before, life is show prep. i leave here at 3:00 every day and i go for two or three hours. by 6:00 or 7:00 i'm back at it. >> doesn't that drive your wife nuts? >> yeah, it does a little bit. but you know what, she's busy too. we've got a bunch of joint projects going. we've got our little two if by tea, iced tea company. she's the ceo and runs that. that's expanding and going great guns. she ran the host committee operation for the nfl for super bowls. and she is just -- she's as busy as i am, if not -- my job is sedentary. a lot of what she does, she's on
7:34 pm
the go quite a bit. but we get our time. weekends, vacations and so forth. but we both love what we do. it isn't work. that's the key. i mean, if i don't want to meet with somebody, i don't have to now. the things i don't like about it, i mean -- there are things i get mad at every day. misunderstanding what a caller is saying or see a media report that's obviously filled with misperception and lies. everybody goes through that. but that's just -- that's not something i would say yeah, i hate -- because it's part of it. i'm just -- i've learned to -- i call it the mayor of realville. i live in reality. whatever happened, it is. you have to accept it and deal with it. doesn't do you any good to wish it wasn't happening. my reality is i have the opportunity to change and correct my mistakes in public
7:35 pm
whenever i want to. it's really -- i've got a microphone. you know how many people are frustrated that can't tell people what they really think. frustrated about the way the country is going. i get to do all that. you know, at the end of the day, i'm feeling 100% satisfied and fulfilled. random question. twitter, what do you think of it? >> i think it's representative of the pop culture. a lot of people are on twitter because a lot of people are on twitter. it's one of these things where people follow other people to it. i don't do it much. the reason i don't is because you can't get it back. once it's gone and maybe retweeted, i'm very -- in addition to that, i want -- one of the reasons i don't do shows like this, i want people to come to my radio show to hear what i think. i don't want a status line on twitter. i don't want a status when i'm
7:36 pm
on facebook. we'll post pictures or things now and then. but they are appetite whetters. whetter. . i'm an old-fashioned media guy. there are things you do to create an audience and hold it. never satisfy them and certainly don't make yourself available any time anywhere every day. people get tired of you that way. >> the impact of the internet on politics? >> the impact of internet on everything is profound. >> that's haul? >> yeah. it's allowed for people to be anonymously involved in things, which allows people to be more honest about what they really think. >> see, i think that a lot of people who do drive-by hits. i like it better to know who is saying what. >> i'm just -- i'm not -- when i say profound, i'm not -- i'm not
7:37 pm
going to judge whether it's good or bad. because it is. you can't put the genie back in the bottle. what the internet illustrates is how much real ignorance there is out there that has to be dealt with if you were in any way devoted to improving people's lives, country are growing it. there's a lot of ignorance out there that's on display. proudly, people are proudly posting what they don't know, although they don't know they don't know it. i'm not going to condemn it. that would be like condemning the beatles. it is what it is. and you have to when these things happen, figure out a way to use them in ways that you can make you happy for hobby purposes or enjoyment ar maybe maximize them in a business way. but it's there. greta, i used to be able to prep my radio show as recently as
7:38 pm
1992, that would be four years into it, with three newspapers, maybe four. because nobody was reading that many of them. >> three to four newspapers, i have more informed than anybody in my audience. i cannot single handedly acquire all the information that is available now as i used to be able to do in prepping the show. so there are areas, the internet that i have staff go and get. send me what they find. and it all goes to the printer behind me and at 11:00 i start going through it and putting together a radio show. but it's just massive. the competition and what i do has never been greater. there's never been more people doing what i do. there have never been more people wanting what i have. there have never been more people wishing i wasn't doing what i'm doing. the competitive aspects of this has never, ever been greater. one of the things i'm most proud of, i mentioned back 1988 i was
7:39 pm
it. my radio show was the only national medium. it was that way for seven or eight years. then fox starts in 1997. all these other conservative talk shows started and none of it cannibalized me. we created a whole new brand new media piece of the pie. we actually expanded the media pie. i have not lost audience as all these conservatives have started doing radio shows. internet exist, fox news. it's been fabulous. i think the exist ens of this media is another reason why the mainstream media is so openly partisan. they're openly trying to eliminate their opposition. they can't get away with the pretense of their objective. the jig is up. everybody knows now what they've always been. they're partisan, leftist, trying to advance the agenda of the democratic party with rare exceptions. so it's out of the ballpark.
7:40 pm
so the partisanship and the friction and the battles, they're not going away. they're only going to get more intense. coming up, rush limbaugh says he was shocked by the george zimmerman verdict. why does he say that? rush answers that question, next. for pain and swelling? apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours. but not just any cold. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. she was a picky eater. we now i'm her dietitian... ...anlast year, she wasn'tating so well. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great!
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live from america's news headquarters. i'm marianne rafferty. terror threats from al qaeda. the same threats for the state department's decision to close consulates in the muslim world this weekend. americans traveling overseas are urged to take extra precautions. the alert listing public transportation systems and other prime tourist sites as possible danger zones. a farm in mexico is to blame for a stomach bug making a lot of people sick. the outbreak in iowa and nebraska is linked to salad mix supplied by the farm. the salad was served at olive
7:45 pm
garden and red lobster restaurants. it isn't clear if the tainted green rs to blame in 14 other states. i'm marianne rafferty, now back to on the record. for your latest headlines, log on to fox you're watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. rush limbaugh going on the record about the acquittal of george zimmerman and race relations in america. >> you have something to say about the zimmerman verdict? >> well, i was shocked, to tell you the truth. i was surprised by it. i thought the makeup of the jury and the condition of american pop culture and the fear of civil unrest would cause the jury to say, you know what, let's come up with some form of guilty and get out of here.
7:46 pm
and i was really proud they looked at the evidence and they said this case has been overcharged and the prosecution didn't prove anything. the defense ended up proving it. so i was -- i was happen by it. but i was prepared for a verdict that had nothing to do with the law simply because the forces, the persuasive forces out there had been trying to get people in the sheriff's office saying don't riot. what are you thinking? there were people who were subtly in a subconscious way encouraging civil unrest and i thought the jury would be aware of that and not -- it's a small town. sanford is a small town. who wants to live in that kind of circumstance. the simplest way to get rid of this is to come up with a little -- it's one guy. it was really, i think,
7:47 pm
uplifting. what do you think about o'reilly's statements on race? >> what are they? >> i guess you didn't hear them then. >> no. what did he say? >> he said it's a much more involved discussion but he talked about the terrible things going on in the inner city and the families are deteriorating rating. basically the social issues. >> i've had black people calling my radio show for 25 years who have said and they profess to be conservative. they said rush, the problem is what the big government policies have done to the black family. they've destroyed it. 70% kids born without a father. i think this is -- i've had people calling me for 25 years talking about this. i have responded and said it in my own way. i've gone so far as to say -- i don't know what o'reilly said. but i think the policies of the
7:48 pm
democratic party destroyed the black families. it happens to be true. the republican party has nothing to do with this. the republican party has no -- it's a democrat party policy. the democrat party became the father. the democrat party became the husband with federal programs here. and that's why i've asked african-americans, you keep voting for 50 years for these people that are promising you this panacea and nothing is changing. they all say, because the republicans are racists. and i know they don't like us. it's bogus, it's silly. the republicans are not racist. abraham lincoln was a republican. it's an unfortunate thing. i think this is -- the black community, the democrat party is their savior, right? how is that working out for them? straight ahead, egypt, russia, what does the world really think of the united states? rush limbaugh tells you what he
7:49 pm
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> greta: now more with rush limbaugh. >> the middle east, our standing in the world. >> well... what standing in the world? >> greta: yes. how are we doing? >> who cares? do you care? >> greta: well to the extent if we have to -- if there is influence on world problems doi care. i don't want. >> with john kerry? we're a joke. you go back to 2008. in the campaign. and we're told that the world hated america. hated bush. hated us because of guantanamo bay. they hated because of september 11th. they hated because of
7:53 pm
republicans they hated us because of bush. we need obama to make the world love us. we need democrats. people understand europeans. we've got all that. and we don't have any influence. over what's happening in the world. now. >> greta: it's expensive. we spend a lot of money on it. >> we spend a lot of money on everything but there is never an accounting. i got, i want to be careful about something because people in the u.s. military and some people in foreign service are really true patriots. they really are trying to represent and maintain america's best interests in all of the places around the world. i don't want to appear to be casting i just think the short answer to the question is that contemporary yes to what most low information voters in this country think? i don't think the restest
7:54 pm
world is enammored of obama. if you read the foreign press you get the truth about the incompetence. if you read british papers you get the truth reported about what's happening in this country. they're not part of the agenda. so look at egypt. i thought morsi, obama guy. i thought the muslim brotherhood was that to obama wanted. egypt military said screw all of you and kicked morsi out and took back the country for better word. john kerry is in russia these people are -- i don't, i think they're clueless and haven't the slightest idea they zront a reverence for you and i, at least your question indicates. they haven't been, to them, america is the problem. in the world. america is a super power makes the world out of balance.
7:55 pm
it was better when soviet union was around. mad lynn al bright said this. soviet union kept us in check. a competing super power able to help the united states be restrained these people think liberal democrats leftists that the american military's focus of evil in the modern world that we're imposing freedom on people, if you can believe that. and that united states destroying the planet with global warming, capitalism, power, consumption of resources and they're about cutting the country down to size. people like me think the united states is the solution to problems around the world. but when you've got people who think and united states is responsible for the problems and on occasion have gotten close to apologizing then, i don't, i just don't take seriously what they're doing.
7:56 pm
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[ male announcer ] if you n't afrd your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> so i just love radio. i love it. i don't know, i can't imagine not doing it. >> greta: millions of listeners can't imagine radio without rush limbaugh, either. we want to thank rush for
8:00 pm
taking time to talk with us. and thank you for being with us. make sure you go to and let us know what you thought been our interview with rush limbaugh. >> the owe i riley factor is on. tonight... the presence he's going to bring every resource to identify and bring to justice people that are responsible. can you name a single person brought to justice because of benghazi? >> what did some of the possible cover up on benghazi amid reports the cia was there the night of the attack? what did the government know? why secrets? we'll have a report. >> for first 100 days what surprised you the most about the office? humbled you the most? troubled you the most? >> let me write this down. >> main stream media and love affair with president obama continues but the factor is calling them out. >> this is a


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